Jenny Poon of CO+HOOTS (Part 2)

September 14, 2017

On this episode of Originals, Alex sits down with Jenny Poon, the founder and owner of CO+HOOTS, a co-working space in Phoenix, AZ.

CO+HOOTS is the #1 co-working community in Arizona and stands at #2 in the country and #9 in the world! Jenny Poon discusses in this episode of Originals how she was able to make her entrepreneurial dream a success and what she’s doing to ensure that future generations have a shot at that same dream!

We split up Jenny’s interview in two parts. Part 1 is all about CO+HOOTS and Jenny as an entrepreneur, and Part 2 is focused on Jenny as a first generation American and her backstory and how that’s impacted her life and business. Jenny discusses how her immigrant, business owning parents influenced her and how she is actively working to support entrepreneurs from underrepresented communities. Make sure to catch both parts to watch the full story!



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